We are proud of the brands we work with. Our reputation is built on their success.

Our clients are as diverse as our methods: a market-leading petroleum company, a novel sports competition, unique West African resorts. We have organised racing events, and helped a leading African king mould his image.

Embed your brand...

In our work with Propetrol, we strategically ingrained its Propel brand into public consciousness through a mix of well-crafted editorials and innovative advertising

By initiating a partnership with a leading Nigerian media house, we helped Propetrol prominently display its Propel brand next to live reporting of continental and global sporting events, for the duration of the competitions.

The Propel brand has reaped priceless goodwill from sponsoring coverage of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Egypt 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

Social media was the driver behind Turbotuesday, a hybrid racing competition/musical concert held at GET ARENA, Lagos. Organised by Southpaw & Shaolin, the event had ICE Watch as one of its sponsors, and helped in accelerating the brand’s foray into the Nigerian market.

Shape the Future...

The Copa Lagos Beach Soccer Competition in Lagos is commendable for its audacity. We are proud to have helped Kinetic Sports, the organisers of the tournament, succeed in introducing a new sport to the Nigerian populace.

COPA Lagos has been hugely instrumental in raising awareness about Eko Atlantic, a modern African city rising from the Atlantic Ocean in Lagos.

Kinetic Sports has successfully hosted the international competition on an annual basis.

At the heart of the COPA Lagos message: It’s more than a sport; it is a lifestyle event. We have helped share this narrative with unique content crafted specifically for sports, tourism, entertainment and society journalists.  

Through engagements that we instigated, the competition was endorsed by Nigeria’s Ministry of Tourism. 

Share your story...

Organising experiential tours of leading resorts and sharing the content across media platforms is right up our street, as we leverage on years of engagement in Africa’s travel industry.

 The Inagbe Grand Resort, located on an island strip in Lagos, and the Lansdown Resort in the hills of Aburi, Ghana, have both benefitted from our carefully curated content and our expansive network. Stories about these brands have been shared across traditional and new media, from THISDAY and Guardian, to Bella Naija and ATQNews

Touch Your Audience...

We have helped the CHESNEY Hotel in Lagos build its reputation as an outlet equally adept at serving multinational corporate clients as well as a young, vibrant demographic. The strategic publications on CHESNEY hosting Big Brother housemates’ post-eviction activities, ensured that weekday or weekends, the boutique hotel retained high occupancy rates.